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To achieve the best possible results on all our projects, EOS’ clients work not only with highly qualified and experienced Project Superintendents and Foremen, but also with EOS’ Project Management Team. EOS’ Project Management Team is responsible for liaising with the client and the client’s representatives to assist with pre-planning, scheduling, budgeting, reporting, building community relationships and ensuring that appropriate safety measures are taken and adhered to.  In addition, EOS is local to many of the areas that we work in, which allows us to stay abreast of the issues taking place in the community, hire local workers and affords us intimate knowledge of the area and the working conditions. All of these factors, coupled together ensure that all of our projects are executed in as smooth a manner as possible, with the ultimate goal that the client and the community receive the maximum benefits from the project taking place in the area.

Large and small facility construction projects, which include, but are not limited to:

  • Sweet and sour facilities
  • Tank Farms
  • Oil batteries and satellites
  • Dehydrators and separators
  • Compressors
  • Shop fabrication
  • Piling work

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