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EOS Pipelines & Facilities Incorporated is committed to working with First Peoples in Alberta, British Columbia, and the Northwest Territories through the hiring of services and equipment from the communities we work in.  Through our training programs, joint ventures and memorandum of understanding (MOU) agreements, we have developed close working relationships that are beneficial to both local communities as well as our clients.

In addition, EOS employs full time Community Liaison personnel, whose responsibility is to build relationships and stay in touch with the First Nations communities and issues.  Our Community Liaison individuals will work closely with the local First Nations to promote economic development, which includes working with their contractors, trades and business owners along with the Employment/Industry Liaison Worker, the Economic Development Officer and the Industry Notification/Consultation Officer.  As a result of our commitment and dedication to the First Nations, EOS had built strong working relationships, which have lead to very successful Joint Ventures with many groups in these areas.

To benefit local communities, EOS developed an introductory pipeline training program in 2002 that covers equipment operations, maintenance and safety, rigging and slinging, driver training, WHMIS, TDG, and life skills.  Through training, we are able to assess workers’ job proficiency as well as allow workers to familiarize themselves with our organization, expectations, and project leaders.  Workers gain confidence in their abilities and project knowledge, which has resulted in job satisfaction and advancement opportunities.  Forty workers from the Deh Cho participated in this program.

In 2004, EOS expanded its training programs to include 48 participants from both the Deh Cho and Sahtu regions of the Northwest Territories.  We also added the subjects of Chainsaw Safety, PST (Petroleum Safety Training), Industry Standard, and quad safety.  Students came from Tulita, Fort Good Hope, Deline, Trout Lake, and Kakiska.

Successful candidates are given the opportunity to work on EOS projects in the Northwest Territories, British Columbia and Northern Alberta.  Local workers enjoy the benefit of enhancing job skills that allow them to work towards positions requiring higher skill levels and that are also transferable to other construction industries and can be utilized in community infrastructure projects.
In addition, EOS aims to minimize barriers to employment by making available to the First Nation workers the required PPE and assisting in obtaining the required safety tickets for the tasks assigned and project sites. When hosting training courses, local First Nation groups are contacted and invited to participate.

Joint ventures combine EOS’ extensive administrative and general contracting experience with our partners’ understanding of local cultures and lands.  This ensures our clients receive exemplary service and that each community we work with receives maximum benefits from our projects.

EOS provides support for our First Peoples partners by supplying them access to the following:
• Training opportunities for local workers
• Professional expertise in Calgary head office (financial, technical, law, accounting, telecommunications, information systems)
• Responsible and responsive management
• Infrastructure such our High Level and Red Earth Creek shops
• Community donations and profit sharing
• Accessible representatives in the community
• Insurance maintenance and equipment maintenance

EOS’ joint venture arrangements include the following:
ʔAreyóné: Fort Good Hope – Yamoga Land Corporation: ʔAreyóné is a dene word meaning “all together”. ʔAreyóné is a joint venture between EOS and Ne’Rahten Development Ltd. (the business arm of Yamoga Land Corporation).

Dene’gha: Tulita – Tulita Land Corporation: Dene’gha is a Dene word meaning “for the people”. Dene’gha Inc. is a Tulita Dene business owned by Fort Norman Metis Land Corporation, Mackay Range Contracting Ltd., the business arm of the Tulita Land Corporation, and EOS.

Techi?q Ltd: Deline – Deline Land Corporation: EOS and Techi?q Ltd (the business arm of the Deline Land Corporation) have joint ventured in an effort to work together to undertake general contracts on Deline lands and to build capacity in the community of Deline.

Ka’a geetu First Nation: For the past four years, EOS and the Ka’a Geetu First Nation have joint ventured on construction and clearing projects and have worked hard to build capacity in the community of Kakisa.

Prophet River First Nation: In 2010 EOS signed an MOU with the Prophet River First Nation. This agreement formed a working alliance between EOS and the Chief and Council of Prophet River.

Woodland Cree First Nation: In 2011, EOS signed an MOU with the Chief and Council of the Woodland Cree First Nation for collaborative work arrangements within the stated Traditional and Reserve lands.