Since EOS’ inception in 1990, our vision has been to exceed as a leader in the oilfield services industry. We achieve this through excellence in workmanship; all while exercising the utmost care for public and personal safety and minimizing damage to the environment. At EOS, we want our name to be synonymous with “The Best”.

EOS has successfully served Northern Alberta and NE British Columbia’s oil and gas industry for over 25 years. Specializing and offering services from Pipeline and Facilities Construction and Maintenance to Pile Driving and Crane Services, Firetube Repairs and Rebuilds, Pumpjack Installations, General Maintenance and Turnaround work on Facilities as well as offering Civil Services– Road and Lease Programs. EOS has constructed approximately 400 km of pipeline and cleared approximately 400 km of right of ways annually for up to 95 different oil and gas companies to date. EOS has a reputation for having the flexibility to implement the systems required to complete our client’s projects safely, on time, within budget, and with minimal harm to the environment.

A vast majority of EOS’ work is completed in frozen ground conditions, as EOS specializes in northern work, and we consider ourselves to be a “field organization” intent on providing the highest quality of service to our clients.

One of EOS’ many commitments is to the use and continued development of local resources including workers, subcontractors and business owners. As a result we have development numerous affiliations with various First Peoples groups within Canada.

EOS further demonstrates our commitment through our extensive involvement in the local communities. This involvement includes:

  • Training Programs
  • Strong and close community relationships
  • Professional expertise in our Corporate head office (including but not limited to financial, technical, law, accounting, telecommunications and information systems)
  • Full Time Community Liaison who works specifically with the First Peoples
  • Donations programs and profit sharing

The combination of EOS’ extensive general contracting experience and the First Nations’ understanding of the local lands and services, enhances EOS’ ability to ensure that our clients receive the best possible service from EOS. This unique blend also ensures that communities receive the maximum benefits available from each project that EOS undertakes.

We prioritize training, safety and environmental issues for quality results on our projects. We maintain full time Safety Environmental Representatives and Quality Control personnel who work with Construction Superintendents to ensure our clients are provided with quality workmanship exceeding industry standards. EOS received the Best Safety Performer award recognizing the company’s outstanding safety performance as being in the top .3% of companies in our category for performance in workplace health and safety. We are grateful for the care and attention demonstrated by our workers daily.

Senior Management Team

Liam McFarlane – Vice President – Operations
As the Vice President of Operations, Liam’s role involves the oversight of the company’s field / construction operations. Utilizing his over 20 years of hands-on field and field management experience in this industry, Liam has a keen understanding of the variables and components essential to successful project execution.  He puts this expertise to practice through mentorship of District Managers and support personnel. Liam’s attention to detail is driven by the ultimate goal of client satisfaction and longstanding work relationships.

Martin Henderson - Corporate Services/Commercial Manager
Martin joined EOS Pipeline & Facilities Inc as an member of the Management Team in 2007. His role entails providing leadership and guidance for the overall Commercial team.

Irene Foster - Finance and Administration Manager
Irene re-joined EOS Pipeline & Facilities Inc as an member of the Management Team in 2008. Her role entails providing leadership and guidance for the overall Finance and Administration team in Peace River.  Irene’s role includes leadership of the accounting, project administration, account payable and receivables functions within EOS.